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. Community development & welf- are committee for person with disability

. Educational

. Sports & Culture (Tehsil Sialkot)

. Sports & Culture (District Sialkot)

. Social Welfare

. Public Safety

. Islah-e-moashra

. Legal Read

. Fisheries Committee

. Works Committee

. Health Committee

. Form Produce

. Agriculture

. Justice Committee

. Masalhat Committee

. Auction & Purchase

. Finance Committee

. Monitoring Team (Tehsil Sialkot)

. Monitoring Team (Tehsil Pasrur)

. Monitoring Team (Tehsil Daska)

. Zabta-e-Ikhlaq

. Market Committee (Sialkot)

. Market Committee (Pasrur)

. Market Committee (Daska)

. Market Committee (Sambarial)


Members from District Sialkot


District Government Committees


Members Market Committee Samberial

Member Names Location
Kissan Names

Mohammad Afzal Shaheen S/O M. Muzafar

Dar-ul-Salam Samberial

Hashmat Ullah Malik S/O Nazir Ahmed


Mian Mohammad Shafi S/O Ahmed Din


Mohammad Munir S/O Muhammad Hussain


Maroof Sabir Shah S/O Sabir Gilani

Dhodhowal - Samberial

Rice Dealers

Mian Fiaz Ahmed S/O Ghulam Ahmed

Noor Pura - Samberial

Mian Mohammad Yousaf S/O Mian Ilam Dim

Mohammad Pura


Mian Nazir Ahmed S/O Nawab Din

Noor Pura - Samberial


Mohammad Safian S/O Mohammad Aslam

Rohaila Samberial

Representative Official Matters

Agriculture Officer Samberial




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Stolen Vehicles

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